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Second Opinions


Here at EVR we offer a friendly and personal second opinion service for your horse. Feeling like you're not making progress? Not got the bottom of a problem yet? Feel like there might be more going on?

 Sometimes a fresh set of eyes, and a new approach might be the way forward.

Our highly experienced team of vets have a particular expertise in offering second opinions to cases of:

  • Kissing spines

  • Laminitis and endocrinopathic diseases such as EMS

  • 'Problem' mares and poor fertility

  • Persistent or intermittent lameness

  • Gastric ulceration

  • Remedial farriery consultation

We work very closely with Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons (Newmarket) and refer all our surgical and advanced imaging cases there. Get in touch to discuss our referral or second opinion services.

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