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Competition Horses

Working Together to Deliver Success

Given the wide range of equestrian sports, from eventing to driving, dressage to polo, show jumping to showing, the requirements of the performance horse are varied and diverse. We aim to tailor our advice to best suit the individual needs of you and your competition horse.

When problems arise, be they subtle changes in performance or more obvious performance-limiting issues our aim is for a prompt, accurate and cost-effective identification of the cause of the problem, be it orthopaedic or medical. This enables us to advise on treatment protocols and, importantly, on prognosis for return to competition.

At EVR we are very experienced in the assessment of horse’s gait and musculoskeletal health, which is a vital aid in speedily identifying the likely source of any issues.

We offer a full range of diagnostic techniques at your premises including:

  • Upper respiratory tract endoscopy:(static and overground)

  • Nerve and joint blocks

  • Digital radiography

  • Gastroscopy

  • Ultrasound

Once the cause of the problem has been identified we aim to discuss all possible treatment protocols to decide on the most appropriate for you and your horse. We try to provide a realistic assessment of the level of work your horse is likely to be able to return to and how this may be affected by each form of treatment.

Treatment modalities we can provide at your own yard include:

  • Intra-articular joint medication

  • Sacroiliac medication

  • Medication of ‘kissing’ dorsal spinous processes

  • Intra-lesional medication of lesions in tendons/ ligaments (PRP, stem cell)

When additional diagnostic techniques or surgical treatments are indicated we refer cases to Rossdale’s Equine Hospital in Newmarket.

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